The Queen sleeps and so does the whole city

I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt that my Grandfather was meeting Queen Elizabeth in the Buckingham palace. I woke up puzzled in the morning. This was a strange dream. Why would my Grandfather who was sentenced to be hanged by the British court be meeting the Queen? I thought and thought and then I realized that not much has changed in this country of ours. We the mighty nation which right up till 1820 had more than 25% of the world’s GDP is still a slave nation. We are still run by the same imperialist forces. They now have done the smart thing of figuring out how to operate behind the veil while their loyal bureaucrats do all the dirty work and take all the flak.

This is the same country where you can pay and buy a Z security while 5 year old girls are raped and brutalized in the city whose foundation was laid with so much and love and affection by the Mughals. This song comes to my mind from the movie Gulaal.

As song says the “Seher” the city sleeps and so sleeps the Queen with her head on feathery pillow. So sleeps all the citizens in her city. While you my helpless child sleep making your sorrows your pillow.


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