Stealing from the poor, raping the helpless

I have been reading this fascinating book called Plutocrats. The book examines in great detail the sad state of western capitalism where  the wealthiest 0.1% are outpacing everybody else in their wealth accumulation. Forget the 1% and Occupy Wall Street stories. That is all passe. The new story is the super new elite which is emerging on top of the elite. To quote from the Financial Times review of the book posted on Amazon

” Cracking open the tight-knit world of the new global super-rich is Chrystia Freeland, an acclaimed business journalist who has spent nearly two decades reporting on the new transglobal elite. She parses an internal Citigroup memo that urges clients to design portfolios around the international “Plutonomy” and not the national “rest”; follows Russian, Mexican, and Indian oligarchs during the privatization boom as they manipulate the levers of power to commandeer their local economies; breaks down the gender divide between the vast female-managed ‘middle class’ and the world’s one thousand billionaires; shows how, by controlling both the economic and political institutions of their nation, the richest members of China’s National People’s Congress have amassed more wealth than every branch of American government combined–the president, his cabinet, the justices of the Supreme Court, and both houses of Congress.”

I read this book and shook my head in disbelief about how the new Plutocrats are destroying the middle class and stripping the poor of the illusion called the welfare state. So much for the economist called John Maynard Keynes who pulled the biggest stunt on developed economies with his Keynesian economics.

I thought at-least things would be different in India. We with our 5,000 years of civilized history. We with our Gods who stood for justice like Rama, Krishna and the angry Goddesses like Durga and Kali who come to save the poor and the under-privileged. And then the media breaks the story about the Sharda Group Chit fund in West Bengal. So now we are stealing from the poor and standing silently while their kids are being raped and assaulted.

All the 5,000 years of our civilization has been consigned into the dustbin. This is what we have become the land of Shiva, Rama and Krishna? Instead of protecting our poor and safe guarding their rights we are no looting from them and allowing their kids to be raped? Shame on us. What has happened to this great country. What virus has infected it’s consciousness? What macabre dance is this?





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